I have always been a "car nut".   Here, I indulge my fantasies with this page including some of my "Wish List" cars and other motorized equipment.  I hope you enjoy these images as much as I do.  Viewing is very therapeutic and can be a great way to drain a bank balance.  Please secure your wallet and return your laptop computer screen to it's fully upright position prior to scrolling down.

John Deere "GP" Tractor.  (NOT ours).  Probably worth about $15,000+
A collector's dream machine.  Very rare.

My '53 Windsor Deluxe.  Fun to drive, always gets lookers all riled up.
It's all original except for the re-spray and re-chrome a few years back.
The smell alone makes one want to order a cherry-Coke and look for a drive-in theater.

Jaguar MKI Saloon  (Slightly Yellowed Owner's Manual Photograph)  Also known as a "rust magnet".
 This one has open spats and original wires.  Has the classic "Leaper" hood ornament.

60's Vintage E-Type  (One I'd love to own).
Metal bumpers disappeared in the early 1970's.

My 1971 Coupe.  I restored part of this car over the past 3 years.  It turned out to be a real beauty.
I sold this one to thin my herd in July, 2007.  Wish I could have kept it but NO-ooooo-OOO.
Carrol Shelby's Trademark Cobra  (Bruce's "OTHER" car)  "Other" means "not affordable".
The all aluminum body was not fashioned of recycled aluminum cans.
The 60's original Cobra 427 was one of the fastest street vehicles ever built.
It was based on a British import; the A.C. Bristol.  The originals had a 427 Ford.
If you can find an original Cobra today, expect to pay at least $125,000 to over a million!

 My Numbers Matching first '81, reluctantly sold in 2004.
Even the Vanilla paint was the original GM issue.

My 1974 L-48 36,000 mile Stingray Air Roadster.  
I sold it during a weak moment in June, 2003 and regret it even today.
I recently heard from it's current owner who still loves this car as much as I did.

Waiting for a sunny Sunday afternoon.

Chrysler "X" Car
(This is how we build a "wish list" and wind up broke)

2000 Corvette DropTop.  A real cop magnet.  All alloy LS2 350 C.I. 345 HP motor.
This car uses a wood laminate composite pan for the floor construction.
Despite the big motor, the car gets 35 MPG + on the highway, about 20 to 25 in town.

Likely a 1958 Isetta Soft Top MotorCar made by BMW motorcycle company.
This car had a 16 HP BMW motorcycle engine and made 0 to 50 MPH in about 1-1/2 minutes!
The car never caught on as a transportation vehicle but was owned by many show-offs.
The only door, opened to the front and the steering wheel tilted out with the door.
Seating was cramped, holding only two occupants, the car got about 25 MPG.

My pride and joy.  A 1981 Corvette Coupe, smoked glass T-tops, almost "show quality"
finish and condition.  This car has only 40,000 miles on it and it drives "as-new".  That's not
me driving it in this picture.

Pontiac Solstice GXP Roadster.  These cars are a blast to drive and own.  
A small 2.0-liter block, YES, 2.0 Liter, is force-fed with direct-injected fuel and turbocharged-and-intercooled air,
Bilstein dampers, ABS, stability control, Goodyear Eagle F1 245/45WR-18 all-season radials and a limited-slip differential are standard. 
With the throttle floored and 18 psi of boost, you need a quick hand to keep up with gear changes. The run to 60 mph
is a fleet 5.7 seconds, only a tick slower than the Ford Mustang GT, and the quarter mile clicks by in 14.2 seconds at 99 mph.
Highway mileage is about 40 MPG, these cars run the quarter mile faster than a Porsche Boxter and are likely to become a real collector car in future years.

If Only I Could Afford One  Ford GT-40 Replicar