Go Fish!

A Nice Northern From Upper Cullen
Fishing Licenses by Telephone: 888 665-4236
Have a Driver License and Credit Card ready when you call.
Licenses can also be obtained locally in Nisswa when you arrive.
NEW LAW:  "Pick it or Ticket"       Fascinating Underwater Photos are HERE.

"Catching" season is not far away! Watch for new photos of fish caught here.
The best summer fishing on most area lakes is during May and part of June with another active period being September and October especially if the water is cold.
8lb 11oz Walleye

If your picture is not found here, check here again soon!
We periodically post photos of fish caught in our lake.
Information About Catch and Release

Galles' Upper Cullen Resort  Supports Catch and Release

The following Photos were only of fish
Caught and Released in Upper Cullen Lake.

Two nice crappies
Big Bass headed back to the lake for another adventure....
Released Northern A Northern, rather than RE-Tired was RE-Leased to be Caught Again.
Lots of good size Bass in our lake.
This one was released

Another 12+ Pound 
Northern quickly Released
Two Nice Bass Caught and Released.
An 8 + Pounder!  

Great Northern Fishing 

Depends On Catch and Release.  Try it!

Watch this page for Catch and Release information all season long!  We'll post pictures of fish released back into Upper Cullen Lake.

"A fish is too valuable to be caught only once".  (MN DNR)
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