Striving to be Green

Upper Cullen Resort is committed to preserve the natural resources we are blessed with and plans to pass on the treasures nature has given us to future generations.
Much of our shoreline area is in it's natural state.  Ice dams are left in place each year and vegetative cover is left intact to the water's edge on much of our lake front.  This provides habitat for wildlife and helps reduce lake contamination from any runoff that might occur.  Our swimming beach and camp dock areas have sand beaches but all other shore areas are kept in their natural condition.  In 2006 we converted another 50 feet of our shoreline to its natural state.
A unique feature of our resort is that from the lake, we really don't look like a resort.  About 80% of our shoreline area is kept in it's natural state and is left undeveloped.  This is an aerial view of our west facing shoreline.  The area between the two dock clusters is part of our 35 acre resort property.  Many cabins are hidden from lake view with trees but still allow lake viewing from the cabin.
We have gravel roads rather than paved roads on our property which allows rainwater to naturally percolate back into the soils, completing the "Water Cycle".  Impervious areas are held to a minimum and new comprehensive runoff prevention projects are being implemented in order to control and minimize all runoff into the lake.  Our goal is to capture and maintain 95% of all rainwater on our property.
Most of our property is heavily wooded and makes a great natural habitat for wildlife of all kinds.  We are committed to preserving the forested areas of our resort and limit tree and brush cutting to only those specific areas needing our attention.  We are currently adding green space to our enormous "natural" kept areas in many areas of the resort.
We also make subtle decisions that affect the environment such as purchasing 4-stroke lawn trimmers and 4-stroke outboard motors.  We recycle everything we can including aluminum cans.  Our lawn waste after cuttings and all lake vegetation raked from our beach are processed into mulch and are used on site and for stabilization.  We use fertilizer sparingly to assist new growth and then only non-polluting and phosphorous free product is used.  We even purchase wind generated electricity from our local utility.

We do it all for you!