Facts About Minnesota
(Pronounced "Minna-Soda")
From Nisswa (Pronounced "Niss-wah")
Nisswa means "3 Lakes"
State Bird:
State Tree:
State Fish:
State Flower:
State Mushroom:
State Tree:
State Grain:
State Fungus:
State Muffin:
Actual Number of Lakes:
Sunniest Month:
Miles of Shoreline:
The Common Loon
Norway Pine
Lady Slipper
Norway Pine (aka/Red Pine)
Wild Rice
Morel Mushroom
July with 72% of days
90,000, that's more than California, Hawaii and Florida combined.
The Mayo Clinic is located in Rochester, Minnesota.
Post-It Notes invented at 3M, founded in Two Harbors, MN.
The Mall of America in Bloomington, MN is the largest shopping mall in the U.S.
Tonka Toys founded in Mound, MN, 1947.
Valleyfair is the largest amusement park in the upper midwest.
Hormel Foods, one of the largest food production companies in the world founded 1887 in Austin, MN.
Water Skiing was "invented" in 1922 on Lake Pepin, in Minnesota.
The Snowmobile was invented in Roseau, Minnesota in the 1950's.
The seasonal extreme temperature can vary 150 degrees f.
The northern-most point in the lower 48 States, the "Northwest Angle",  is located in Minnesota.
Minnesota is the largest producer of "Blondes" in the U. S. (And likely "Blonde Jokes" too)
Minnesota boasts the only sizeable populations of Timber Wolves and Bald Eagles in the lower 48 States.
Minnesota is the birthplace of the Mississippi River.
Those "Burma Shave" signs on the highway started in Lakeville, Minnesota on what was then known as Hwy 65.
Does Minnesota ever have EARTHQUAKES?  (PDF File)
Who's Who from Minnesota
Garrison Keillor, host of "A Prairie Home Companion"
Prince, once known as the "former", of film and recording fame.
Louie Anderson, comedian.
Sinbad, comedian.
Linda Eder lived in Brainerd.
Eric Sevareid, a member of the CBS news organization.
Harry Reasoner, now with 60 Minutes.
Ann Southern.
Eddie Albert, Green Acres.
Loni Anderson, Miss Minnesota, 1961
Winona Ryder was originally from...Winona, Minnesota.
Jessica Lange was from Cloquet, Minnesota.  She starred in the movie "King Kong" which was filmed in Duluth, Minnesota.
Tippi Hedren, starred in "The Birds" and has a daughter, Melanie Griffith.
Richard Widmark was a native of Sunrise, Minnesota.
Marlon Brando attended Shattuck School in Faibault, Minnesota.
Gig Young grew up in St. Cloud, Minnesota.
Jane Russell was born in Bemidji, Minnesota
Patty, Maxine and LaVerne, the Andrews Sisters attended North High School in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Judy Garland, (AKA Francis Gumm), born in Grand Rapids, Minnesota.
Eddie Cochran, born in Albert Lea, Minnesota, was a 50's rock and roll singer.
The Ice Follies founded by Eddie and Roy Shipstad.
Bob Dylan, born in Duluth, Minnesota.
William Demarest, "Uncle Charlie" on "My Three Sons", was born in St. Paul, Minnesota.
Yanni, lived in Minnesota in the 60's and 70's, attended the University of Minnesota.
Lorenzo Music, the voice of "Garfield" and "Carlton the Doorman" on the Mary Tyler Moore Show.
Julie Duffy, born in St. Paul, was "Stephanie" on the Bob Newhart Show.
Robert Vaughn starred in "The Man From UNCLE".
Marion Ross, "Happy Days".
E. G. Marshall, from Owatonna, Minnesota, starred in The Lawyers.
Richard Dean Anderson, played "MacGyver", (and also played hockey here).
Peter Graves, (Mission Impossible), and brother of,...
James Arness, (Gunsmoke), both attended Washburn High School in Minneapolis.
Don Herbert, from Waconia, Minnesota, was Mr. Wizard on T.V.
Barry Morrow, author of "Rain Man", lived in Highland Park, Minnesota.
Babe Winkelman, gone fishin.
Al Lindner, gone fishin.
"Dan Patch", the race horse, boarded in Savage, Minnesota.
F. Scott Fitzgerald, born in St. Paul in 1896.
Sinclair Lewis, born in Sauk Centre in 1885.
Laura Ingalls Wilder, born in Walnut Grove.  (Little House on the Prairie).
J. P. Getty was born in Minneapolis in 1892.
Hubert Humphrey.
Walter Mondale.
Charles A. Lindberg, famous aviator.
Amelia Earhart attended St. Paul Central High School, 1913, 1914.
Casey Jones, the railroad engineer on "Old Engine #201".
Josh Hartnett (Black Hawk Down, Pearl Harbor) graduated from South High school in 1996
Rachael Leigh Cook, model, actress (Dawson's Creek, Into the West)
Gretchen Carlson, Fox News, CBS News, Miss Minnesota in 1989.
Retired Governors who became "Professional Wrestlers":   0  (Still Zero)
Retired "Professional Wrestlers" who became Governors:   1
Minnesota Phrases and Their Meanings
"Uff Da"  means "Oh Boy".  "Wow".
"Hot Dish"  Same as a casserole.
Ask a Minnesotan for a "Pop" and you'll get a Soda.
"You Bet" means  O.K.  (Also heard often as "Ya, You Betcha".)
"Ya"  means  Ya,   Yeah,   Yup,  You Betcha, You Bet.  (See above).
"Nordeest"  means Northeast.  Where Lake Superior is.
"Minnesota Nice".  This is how we treat you here.
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