Questions and Answers
Question: What are your sunsets made of?
Answer: Only the good stuff.  Anybody can put a beautiful sunset picture on a web site, ours really are something special.
Question: Why is that?
Answer: Well, because our sunsets are made from only quality, fresh natural ingredients including purified solar energy, 
ionized atoms, atmospheric occlusion and an occasional cloud.  Once you try one, you'll agree-our sunsets are unforgettable.
Question: Really?
Answer: Yes!  No artificial colors or flavors are added to our sunsets.  Only the very best natural ingredients are used.
Question: What can I expect after I experience one of your sunsets?
Answer: Users report and studies show a 98.6% cure rate for typical symptoms of Cabin Fever.  Results are typical, your results will not vary.
Question: How can I get one of your sunsets?
Answer:  Just make a reservation for your vacation today.  Our sunsets are guaranteed to please or your next one is free!