Terms and Conditions
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Prices on this web site are deemed to be accurate.  The rate quoted to you at the time of your reservation will apply to your vacation stay with us regardless of any rate increases that may be published later.  Other terms and conditions may be published on various pages of this web site.  Some pricing may require adjustment for market conditions during the reservation season.  (Boat and motor rates, for example, are not guaranteed but historically have been charged as published).  We have never imposed a surcharge on boat and motor rentals even during periods of volatile gasoline supplies and pricing. We do however reserve the right to adjust our pricing during the published season to conform with market conditions or supplier increases.

I have made every effort to reflect an accurate, up to date depiction of our resort on this web site.  Since this site was launched in 1996, feedback and guest comment confirms that the site is accurate and truly describes the vacation experience we try hard to bring to you every summer.

Despite these efforts, a tiny little error (or two) may have inadvertently escaped my scrutiny, and might be found hiding somewhere in this web site.  Because of it's size, there are lots of opportunities for "bugs" and other silly little mistakes or errors to elude my attention and show up here.  I am, however, constantly diligent, always on the lookout for little errors that might be waiting to confuse you.  I check this site daily looking specifically for errors, typos, drop outs.  We reserve the right to make any adjustments necessary due to such errors.

In the unlikely event that you find a typo or other error here, please bring it to my attention right away.  Thanks!