Cabin Rental Policy

Cabin check-in is, 3:00 pm the day of check-in.

Cabin check-out is, 10:00 am the day of check out.


 Visitor Policy

ALL visitors must Check-in UPON ARRIVAL and pay applicable fees. We will direct them where to park, and to find you!

Cabin visitors, $10 per person, if over the base rate. Camping visitors, $ 4 per person.

Quiet Time Policy

Our many repeat campers choose to stay here in part because of our relaxed, quiet  atmosphere, especially at night.

“Quiet Time” is enforced from 10:30 P.M. to 8:30 A.M.  PLEASE NOTE:  Daytime activities during the week may require that a definition of the word “quiet” be taken somewhat less literally during daylight hours however nightly quiet time is always expected and enforced for the benefit of all users of our camping facilities.

Our “Quiet Time” rule means:

  • After dark, all children are to remain on their site except for bathroom needs.
  • Door closing and other activities should be done with respect for the rights of other campers
  • Campfires are permitted after Quiet Time.  No noise may leave the campsite/cabin boundary.
  • Visitors must leave by 10 P.M.
  • Music Players and Televisions may only be played at a reasonable level during the daylight hours.  Music or T.V. sound played at night must be at a level inaudible to all other campers.

Pet Policy


No exceptions. Thank you

Cleaning/Damage Deposit Policy for All Cabins

All of our housekeeping cabins require a Cleaning and Damage Deposit.

When you send your cabin deposit, 50% will be taken off upon check-in. The other 50% will be returned to you approximately 2 weeks after the cabins have been cleaned and inspected.

You do not need to sanitize the cabin when you leave, just leave the beds un-made, take the garbage out, leave the dishes clean or washing in the dishwasher, floors reasonably clean, windows closed and doors unlocked.  Please leave the Heater and air conditioner off and return the key to the office when when checking out.

Any physical damage to the cabin is the responsibility of the renter.  “Damage” includes, but is NOT limited to: stains, scratches, scuff marks and breakage of cabin furnishings or of the cabin structure, damage to screens or any other cabin amenity. Damage in excess of the Cleaning/Damage Deposit will be collected from the responsible party.

Damage of less than the amount of your Cleaning/Damage Deposit account will be deducted from the account and all residual funds will be promptly refunded to you.

A word about our SMOKE-FREE CABINS.  Evidence of smoking in any cabin will result in a $100 fee.

We do not desire to withhold any of your Cleaning/Damage Deposit and will work with you to insure that all of your money is available for refund.

Campfire Wood Policy

– Due to infestations of the Emerald Ash Borer and Gypsy Moth in other areas, firewood MAY NOT be brought onto the resort property. All firewood brought to or burned anywhere on our property must be purchased from our store or an approved local vendor.
Please see both articles & the DNR e-mail below regarding the Emerald Ash Borer and the Gypsy Moth. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

Policies, Prices and Terms of Lodging Rental are Subject to Modification Without Prior Notice.