Customer Boat Rental Schedule

PaddleBoat, Kayak or Canoe, Paddle Board
(Personal Flotation Devices are Additional)
$5.00 1st/ hour , $4.00 2nd hour , $3.00 3rd hour
Per Day Per Week 
14 foot Rowboat – Canoe (available Hourly) $23 $75
16 foot Rowboat $40 $120
16 foot Boat & 15 HP 4 stroke Motor (4 hour min) $100 $300

Boat Rental Schedule for Cabin Guests

Per Day Per Week
14 foot Rowboat with Cabin Rental $10 $38
16 foot Rowboat with Cabin Rental $20 $60
16 foot Boat & 15 HP 4 stroke Motor with Cabin
$90 $265
Boat Docking and Launch Ramp* Included Included

(Motors also available in 4 & 8 hour blocks) We may have to limit Boat Rentals based on availability. (Personal Flotation Devices are Additional)
*Those who bring their own boat and wish to use a cabin boat will be charged a launch fee for their boat and the reduced rate for the first cabin boat.

Other Rentals

Pontoon Boat 21′ (Deluxe watercraft with fully upholstered seating) (Personal Flotation Devices are Additional)  (Fuel included in rates) $165.00
1/2 Day
Full Day
Life Vests & Cushions .75/Day $3.75/Week
Boat Docking and Launch Ramp  (Tractor Launch Service Available) You Launch Tractor Launch
Launch Fee With Campsite Rental (one fee per visit, $5 minimum) $1/Day add $10.00
Launch Fee Only (Pre-Paid, Non-Customer) $10.00 $20.00