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Fishing the Upper Cullen

Known for our abundant bass, sunfish, crappie and Northern fishing, our private 435 acre lake is the perfect place to cast a line. No public access on Upper Cullen Lake means less competition and less traffic for our anglers. To keep it more serene we do not allow Jet Skis to be launched, or docked on our property. So don’t forget to grab your rod and reel when packing up the car for your visit. Lack of a public access keeps the pressure of the lake, therefore having a much more successful fishing experience!

Licensing Info:

Fishing licenses can be obtained locally in Nisswa when you arrive or you can call 1-888-665-4236 to purchase your license over the phone. You will need to have a your driver’s license and credit card ready when you call.

Ways to Improve our Lakes

Keep Eurasian Milfoil Out of Our Lakes! ALWAYS check your Boat, Motor and Trailer for hitchiking weeds of any kind! It is illegal in Minnesota to transport ANY WEED into any lake, out of any lake, or on any roadway. Also check your boat’s wells for weed debris.

Catch and Release Practices

According to the Minnesota DNR, the best way to improve fishing on our lakes is to release the LARGEST fish, after taking a picture of course! This easy method of smart fish management will improve fishing more effectively than the expensive way-stocking the lake with fingerlings. Look at the list of dos and don’ts provided by the Minnesota DNR when considering catch and release.

Surface Acres: 435
Shoreline: 4.34 miles
Depth (Max): 40 feet

DNR Tips for Releasing Fish:

Use barbless hooks.

Play the fish quickly.

Handle the fish carefully.

Never hold any fish by the eyes.

Use a needlenose pliers to remove hooks.

Cut the line if the fish is hooked in the throat.

Easy does it! Don’t throw that fish back into the lake.

Use Lures rather than bait, fish survive much better when caught that way.

Clip one of three treble hooks to make removal easier.

Use a heavier line to bring the fish in faster.

Revive a tired fish by gently moving it back and forth in the water before release.


Don’t net or handle a fish IF you can leave it in the water.

Don’t drop your fish into the boat. Fish bruise easier than apples!

Don’t release a fish that CAN’T right itself or one that “bobs” to the surface.

Don’t release a fish that is bleeding from the gills or throat. *(Any “Non-legal” size fish MUST be released regardless of it’s condition).

Don’t “Stringer Sort”. (We all know what this means).

Don’t place a fish you plan on releasing on a stringer or in a livewell. (Catch, Decide, Act).

Use Your Boat Safely and Courteously!  Treat your lake neighbors to the same level of consideration you would expect in return from them.  Buy a boat that muffles the sound of the engine.  Keep boat speed to a minimum near shore areas, keep a safe distance from other water craft and floating objects, water ski safely.  Speed limits are IN EFFECT in the channel areas-please observe the no-wake limit.